Fantastic Opportunity for Indian Students!

College Board India Scholars Program was recently launched by College Board, an American not for profit education organization. at India Global Higher Education Alliance Forum. According to this, Indian candidates who appear for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) take the SAT and perform well will be recognized for their efforts and students with low family income who score well on the test can avail up to 100% financial aid at select Indian and foreign Universities part of the India Global Higher Education Alliance.

The list of these institutions can be accessed here:


Being termed as “College Board India Scholars”, students need to go through the following steps:

1 – SAT

Students will first need to take the SAT in 12th standard. In its 1st year, the October, December, and March exam results will be considered for evaluating eligibility for scholarships. There is a provision for low-income students to get reduction in SAT fee across India. The SAT fee reductions up to full exemption will be available for students with household incomes less than within a pre defined limit.


2 – Top Performers

Students in India with a score more than 1350 out of 1600 on the SAT will be announced as top performers every April.  Top performers will be further intimated on how to apply for available scholarships.


3 – Financial Inclusivity in Top Performers

Top Performers from households that earn less than INR4,00,000 per year may then apply to be College Board India Scholars and earn full tuition scholarships to participating Alliance member universities in India.

Selection of final recipients will be made by Alliance members by July of each year. The scholarships are only open to residents of India. The student must be offered admission to the university, have demonstrated the financial need, and ultimately enrol in an Alliance member university.


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