MCA is the postgraduate Computer Applications programme. It falls under Information and Technology. The use of Computer Application is for solving specific problems and for accomplishing specific jobs for an end user. It is a computer science degree and its course outline primarily consists of the development of application software in diverse areas.


MCA is a postgraduate course of Computer Application. It specializes in the software industry, planning, designing and building complex commercial application software systems. The course is extensively structured to meet IT requirements specific to the IT industry.

The syllabus of the study of the MCA course as prescribed by various universities are as follows –

Semester I

Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science, Accounting and Financial Management, Computer Organization, Computer, and ‘C’ Programming, Paradigms of Programming, UNIX and Shell Programming.

Practical – Programming Lab, Organization Lab, UNIX/LINUX and Shell Programming Lab, General Proficiency

Semester II

Organizational Structure and Personnel Management, Data and File Structure Using ‘C’, Object-Oriented Systems in C++, Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques, Combinatory and Graph Theory, Computer Architecture and Microprocessor.

Practical – Data Structure Lab, C++ Lab, Microprocessor Lab, General Proficiency

Semester III

Computer Networks, Design, and Analysis of Algorithm, Operating System, Data Base Management System, Internet, and JAVA Programming, System Programming.

Practical – DBMS Lab, JAVA Lab, DAA Lab, General Proficiency

Semester IV

Visual Basic, Modeling and Simulation, Software and Engineering, Elective I, Foundation of e-Commerce, Computer Graphics and Animation.

Practical – Software Engineering Lab, Computer Graphics Lab, Visual Basic Lab, General Proficiency

Semester V

WEB Technology, Elective II, Net FrameWork and C, ERP System, Elective III, Management Information System.

Practical – WEB Technology Lab, Net FrameWork and C-Lab, Colloquium, General Proficiency

Semester VI

Industrial Project

Some of the best colleges to pursue MCA are –

Punjab University – PU, Chandigarh

Amity University – Noida

Bhavik College of Management and Information Technology -Chandigarh

APS College of Engineering – Bangalore


The duration of the MCA course is three years, which is divided into six semesters.

Admission Procedure

Candidate must possess a BCA in order to be eligible to seek admission for MCA. Admission is usually on the basis of merit.


Candidates willing to apply for the MCA programme must have had BCA in their undergraduate and should have received their graduation degree from a reputed university as is accepted or the candidate could also be in the final year of undergraduate study as well, in order to apply.


The examination for the MCA course consists of theory as well as practical/lab examinations.

Jobs and Career Opportunities

Jobs suitable for candidates with MCA degree are

  • Computer System Analyst
  • Software Engineer or Programmer
  • Computer Support Service Specialist
  • Software Developer
  • Computer Presentation Specialist
  • Software Publisher
  • Commercial and Industrial Designer
  • Project Leader
  • Consultant
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Scientist
  • Junior Programmer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Information Systems Manager
  • System Administrator

Candidates with an MCA degree and willing to make a career out of it can find employment in the following sectors –

  • Banking Sector
  • Database Management Companies
  • e-Commerce Companies
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Security and Surveillance Companies
  • Design Support and Data Communications Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Networking Companies
  • Software Development Companies
  • Stock Exchanges