Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS)

Unani System of Medicine & Surgery is one of the ancient medication systems in the world. Unani System originated in Greece and from there the system of medication was adopted by   South-Asian and Middle-East countries.

B.U.M.S is a five-year undergraduate degree program that bestows with the medical knowledge and requisition of the Unani system and surgery. Unani system of medicine varies from regular medications (allopathy).

In this, the healing process is done through the natural processes/ natural power of the body. As per the Unani System, the body has the power to heal itself. All that the human needs to do is identify the healing power within themselves and enhance it. It is known for treating various deadly diseases and disorders in a natural way as every man in the modern age is inflicted with the stress and anxieties which is a root cause of various diseases.

The Unani medicine system arrived in India around the 12th century under the rule of Mughal empires’ King, Allauddin Khilji. According to this system the treatment of any disease through this system is depends on the proper diagnosis. The clinical features as the sign, symptoms, laboratory features and mijaz are important to diagnose any disease.

The Unani system has been showing outstanding results in curing diseases like:

  • Eczema
  • Vitiligo
  • Rheumatoid
  • Leucoderma
  • Arthritis
  • Psoriasis
  • Bronchial Asthma
  • Jaundice
  • Filariasis
  • Acute and chronic diseases

Courses and Duration

Except for BUMS course, there are the following courses available in this field:

  • Diploma in Unani Medicine and Surgery
  • Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Unani Medicine and Surgery
  • Master of Medicine in Unani
  • Doctor of Medicine (Unani)

Duration :

Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery (BUMS) is one of the favored degrees in the field of Unani medicine. This degree is bestowed on after the completion of 5.5 years academic programme containing the 4 .5 year academic session and 1-year internship programme with live practical. The undergraduate programme in the Unani system can be pursued through the distance education system.

Admission Procedure

Admission to the B.U.M.S. program is on the basis of entrance examination conducted by various institutes and universities. Some of the government and state colleges conduct their own entrance exam.

The regulation body of Unani education is Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) in India. There are just 35 medical colleges in India which offer the educational programme in the Unani system. Some reputed institutions offer admission through the national and state level entrance examination.

Top B.U.M.S colleges in India are :

  • Glocal University (GU) – Saharanpur
  • Salfia Unani Medical College – Darbhanga
  • V.M Unani Medical College & Hospital – Pune
  • Ayurvedic & Unani Tibbia College – New Delhi
  • Deoband Unani Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre – Kanpur
  • Drama Unani Medical College & Hospital – Lucknow
  • IQRA Group – Jalgaon
  • Aligarh Unani & Ayurvedic Medical College – Aligarh
  • Allan Iqbal Unani Medical College – Muzaffarnagar
  • The Calcutta Unani Medical College and Hospital – Kolkata.

Eligibility Criteria

The basic eligibility criteria for Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery are as follows :

  • Minimum Qualification Required: 10+2
  • Minimum Marks Required (Aggregate): 50% to 55%, varies from college to college. It is mandatory to have studied science stream (physics, chemistry, biology) in class 12th
  • Age Limit: Few colleges have an age limit as their eligibility criteria, it may vary from college to college.


Some of the popular B.U.M.S. Entrance Exam:

  • Assam CEE Entrance Test
  • AP-EAMCET Andhra Pradesh Common Entrance Test
  • Telangana TS EAMCET Entrance Exam
  • BVP CET (Bharati Vidyapeeth Common Entrance Test )
  • OJEE (Odisha Joint Entrance Examination)
  • IPU CET (Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test)

The selection of the candidates is based on the merit in the qualifying examination as 12th and followed by the personal interview.

Jobs & Career Opportunities

Various employment opportunities are available for B.U.M.S. graduates in both public and the private sector. Graduates can even start a private practice or self-practice as hakims. Unani pharmaceutical and pharmacy are also hiring B.U.M.S. graduates as there is a dearth of professionals in the Unani sector. An Unani practitioner may look the career as a medical representative or as a doctor in a private or government hospital.

The professionals in this field can work in companies those deal with the Unani preparations. He/she may get the job in Unani colleges as a professor or the researcher. A large number of people are not satisfied with the allopathic treatment. This gives the birth to the alternative treatment.

The job profiles after completing the BUMS programme are as the following:

  • Hakeem
  • Consultant
  • Lecturer
  • Scientist
  • Therapist
  • Private practice
  • Pharmacist

The salary in the medical field is the benchmark among the other fields. The unit field also owes this regard. In the government sector, the salary of an Unani doctor is 12000 to 15000 per month while in the private sector the salary starts from the 15000 per month.